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Preferred type of windows – Double hung windows are economical and very versatile.  Regulations require opening sashes to be limited in some instances and double hung windows are very versatile in their design even allowing for privacy compliance through limiting the lower obscure glazed sash without external screening.

When used with security mesh there is a problem with cleaning the outside glass.

I think the ultimate windows are louvered glass but don’t use them in high wind areas as they whistle.

Sliding windows are the cheapest (and the sashes can be cleaned when used with security mesh.)

Push out windows are not as versatile as double hung – they offer the advantage of remote operation and less risk of water ingress if left open during a rainstorm.

Window frame colour – is only limited by your imagination, some of the coatings chalk up over time.

Window Glass – thickness and type is set by design standards. 

Thermal protection – untreated glass transmits heat, curtains can be used to insulate the window from heat/cold.

Window hoods, screens – Depending on the orientation of the window hoods and screens can make a big difference

Double glazing – sealed glazing units are extensively used in colder climates with significant cost amd are fantastic for noise insulation in urban areas.

Natural ventilation though a room/space ideally has two openings in different walls and a ceiling fan. 

Two storey houses have natural thermos symphonic ventilation.

Living in a  house requires knowledge and experience to take advantage of natural heating and cooling and to minimise the energy use while using mechanical air conditioning to heat or cool.

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